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Fizzy Books

Book packager

IP creator

Seamless and stress-free

Working directly with publishers to fill gaps in their lists, and agents looking to create opportunities for their clients, Fizzy Books is a specialist book packager and IP creator developing commercial, fun and child-friendly books and IP.

Fizzy Books provides:

  • Beginning-to-end book creation, with editorial and design taken care of and complete book files supplied on time.

  • Perfectly positioned pitches with excellent story ideas and concepts for picture book, non-fiction and fiction, and spot-on author and illustrator pairings that you can take forward in-house.

Whether you're looking for market-leading books or original ideas and concepts, Fizzy Books specialises in:

  • Novelty

  • Picture books

  • Chapter books

  • Highly illustrated young fiction

  • Integrated author-illustrated fiction

CONTACT US to book an initial consultation, so we can assess your needs and discuss ways we can fulfill them.

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