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Experienced editor

Award-winning author

Over 17 years of experience

Fiz Osborne is an award-winning author, editor and former-Publisher with over 17 years of experience. Fiz is a pitch perfect writer and an excellent, well-connected editor with a proven track record in IP creation, list strategy and talent development.

Some of Fiz's career highlights include:

  • Building a strategic, profitable and child-friendly picture book list in her most recent full-time role of Publisher at Scholastic, while leading a team of editors and designers to creatively publish award-winning books that sold across multiple retail channels.

  • Increasing Scholastic's picture book presence in supermarkets by over 75%, dominating supermarket retail slots with quality commercial publishing such as The Pumpkin Who Was Afraid of the Dark, When Cucumber Lost His Cool and Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop.

  • Acquiring and commissioning bestselling fiction and picture books, such as Can You See Me? the Dark Unicorns series, This is Me and New York Times Bestseller, The Leaf Thief.

  • Writing 11 children's books, including The Unicorn Who Came to Breakfast, The Great Fire of London and Who Pooed in My Loo?

  • Working with stellar children's book talent such as Michelle Robinson, Tom Knight, Alex Latimer, David Litchfield, Mike Byrne, Rebecca Westcott, Lucy Rowland, Katy Halford, Mark Sperring, Tim Budgen, George Webster, Cerrie Burnell, Toby Ibbotson, Kael Tudor, Alice Hemming and Nicola Slater.

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