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Industry insights

Honest feedback

For authors and illustrators

If you are an author and/or illustrator who wants to know more about the publishing industry, you can book in an hour-long, paid-for virtual meeting with Fiz where she will answer your questions, give advice and share her experience with you. Whether you're agented or unagented, if you're interested in finding out more about how the industry works, learning about the editor-author/author-agent relationship, brainstorming book ideas or discussing specific issues/problems you need help with, your conversation with Fiz will be upfront and strictly confidential.

Questions Fiz is commonly asked include:

  • How do I find out what sorts of books editors are looking for?

  • What is a standard advance?

  • How do I get an agent?

  • Which agents would you recommend?

  • How long will it be before my book is published?

  • What does the publishing process actually look like from beginning to end (and why does everything take so long)?

  • What questions can I ask my editor?

  • What questions can I ask my agent?

Important information

Please note, the charge for this service is £100 for the hour.

Fiz has a limited number of available slots each month. Contact us HERE to enquire about availability.

Once your appointment is booked, payment must be made ahead of the meeting taking place.

This service is available to both agented and unagented authors and illustrators.

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