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Creative studio

Direct to publishers

Direct to agents

High-quality, fast and reliable

With an excellent reputation for imaginitive editorial, intuitive author and illustrator care, and excellent creative pairings, Fiz Osborne works directly with publishers and agents to maximise opportunities for their creatives.




Highly creative editorial, direct to publishers and agents. A safe pair of hands that you can rely on to get things done - even with a tight turnaround.

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Beginning-to-end book creation, with editorial and design taken care of and complete book files supplied on time.

Seamless and stress-free from beginning to end with

Fizzy Books Creative Studio.

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Whether you're looking for fun and energetic picture books, child-friendly non-fiction or accessible young fiction, Fiz's writing is always engaging and imaginative.

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Talent scouting

Do you have the seed of an idea but feel unsure of which author or author-illustrator pairing would be the right fit for it? Do you have a gap in your list but not enough time to brainstorm the perfect way to fill it? Fiz is a well-connected and skilled talent matchmaker, and for the cost of a finder's fee will select the perfect creatives to make the book happen.

Project review and problem-solving

If you have a project that needs a substantial change in direction, but you want to avoid passing additional work to your in-house team, Fiz can undertake an in-depth review of the project as it stands, giving clear recommendations supported by industry insights, to provide you with a way forward.

For cost enquiries, please contact us HERE.


Talent-publisher matchmaking

Do you:

  • Want to expand your talent's client base but feel unsure about which publisher would be the perfect match for their writing or art style?

  • Know that a publisher is looking for a specific type of book but want advice on which of your clients would be the best fit for the project?

  • Want to create personalised strategies for your talent but can't find the time?

As someone who's working with and for multiple publishing houses, Fiz gains unique insights every week in terms of what publishers are looking for, and could help you secure more deals for your clients.

This service operates on a finder's fee basis and no payment will be taken if no deals are done.

For cost enquiries, please contact us HERE.

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A creative studio with a sense of humour, working directly with publishers to fill gaps in their lists

Fizzy Books creates books and IP, developing commercial, fun and child-friendly projects that kids will love.

Fizzy Books provides:

  • Beginning-to-end book creation, with editorial and design taken care of and complete book files supplied on time.

  • Perfectly positioned pitches with excellent story ideas and concepts for picture books, non-fiction and fiction, and spot-on author and illustrator pairings that you can take forward in-house.

Whether you're looking for market-leading books or original ideas and concepts, Fizzy Books specialises in:

  • Novelty

  • Picture books

  • Chapter books

  • Highly illustrated young fiction

  • Integrated author-illustrated fiction

CONTACT US to book an initial consultation, so we can assess your needs and discuss ways we can fulfill them.

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